Call for Speakers F.A.Q.

By | June 23, 2015

TL;DR – Share your passion on cloud computing at CloudDevelop on Friday, October 23. Submit a session by midnight on Friday, June 26th.


What is CloudDevelop?

CloudDevelop is a one-day conference on Friday, October 23, 2015. The conference will be held at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. CloudDevelop’s mission is to bring together the brightest minds in cloud computing for a day of networking, sharing, and learning about all things cloud computing

You can view more details about CloudDevelop at  You can also stay up-to-date of the latest information by following @CloudDevConf on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the CloudDevelop organizers at

Who presents at CloudDevelop?

We are looking for experts and practitioners who can share their passion and knowledge on developing apps, managing infrastructure and working with data, analytics and big data—all within the cloud. If you have something unique or valuable to share about the cloud, CloudDevelop is a great place to present your ideas.

CloudDevelop is platform and technology agnostic – we want sessions on anything related to cloud computing. We want a diverse mix of sessions – meaning sessions on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Salesforce, Rackspace, Heroku, etc. Anything cloud related – CloudDevelop is interested in it!

CloudDevelop welcomes all those interested in cloud computing to submit proposals for sessions. Experienced and new speakers are welcome. If you need help flushing out a few ideas or in preparing a talk, please let us know. CloudDevelop is happy to help connect you with others in the community to help.

Selected speakers should be prepared to deliver a 60 minute session, allowing time for a question-and-answer period at the end (or during – speaker’s choice).

Submit your sessions before 11:59pm EDT on Friday, June 26th.

You can submit more than one proposal.

What are a few example topics?

You can view past CloudDevelop sessions to get ideas and a sense of the conference by exploring last year’s sessions at

CloudDevelop is open to all topics on cloud computing:

  • Architecture
  • Business
  • DevOps
  • General Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Legal
  • Strategy
  • Testing

CloudDevelop is open to all cloud computing platforms:

  • AppHarbor
  • Amazon AWS
  • Engine Yard
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Heroku
  • Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • VMWare

If your topic area or platform is not listed above, please do not let that stop you from submitting a session. When submitting a session, please use the “Other” option for both the topic and platform.

How do I submit?

Please submit your session abstracts by June 26th at

When you submit an abstract, you will be asked for a short biography, session description and difficulty level. You will also be asked where you have presented this topic before (if anywhere), and what area of cloud your talk discusses, along with a few other minor details. The presentation you give at CloudDevelop should be an hour long, allowing time for a question-and-answer period.

What are the perks?

If you get selected as a speaker at CloudDevelop, here is what you get:

  • Entrance to the conference. If you’re a speaker, there is no need to purchase a ticket. You will be asked to register via the public ticket sales site. You will be provided a special code to enable a free ticket to the conference. This helps the organizers with logistics related to food, spacing, etc.
  • The thanks and admiration of a grateful conference and community! As CloudDevelop is a small, non-profit, community conference, our thanks and that of the attendees is all we can offer.

What is the selection process?

Here is roughly how CloudDevelop picks the talks:

  • Session submissions are anonymized as much as possible. We remove the name, email address, organization, etc. from the submission data.
  • Most sessions will come from community / public submissions (via the call for speakers). A few sessions will likely come from pre-selected speakers the organizers would like to have at CloudDevelop.
  • Sessions are reviewed and selected based on the session abstract. Show that you care – proofread your submission . . . a few times.
  • Two rounds of voting:
    • The first round rates each session on a scale from 1 (bad) to 10 (amazing).
    • The top-N (~ 20) submissions are rated again on a 3-point scale (“maybe”, “yes”, “must have”)
  • After the initial sessions are selected, we will de-anonymize the list and review it to ensure that no one speaker has an unfair load. If it turns out a speaker has an unfair load, we’ll review those sessions again and likely reduce the load.
  • Speakers may have multiple submissions. We will reach out to those speakers to confirm that multiple sessions are OK with that speaker.

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