Monthly Archives: September 2015

Workshops Coming to CloudDevelop in 2015

CloudDevelop is once again pleased to offer workshop sessions this year. CloudDevelop attracts a diverse group of attendees, no doubt with a diverse set of preferences.  For some it’s hearing about many topics over a shorter span of time, while others would rather take the time to experience a technology first-hand along with expert guidance.  Conferences throughout the region are increasingly offering workshops to supplement the more traditional presentation sessions, and so will CloudDevelop.

Not interested in workshops? No problem!  Traditional sessions are still the focus at CloudDevelop, running through the entire conference day (except for lunch – cloud denizens are a ravenous bunch!)  The workshops will run concurrently with the other sessions.  Yes, this means having to make a choice, but with this year’s speaker lineup all answers are the right answer.

We hope you are as excited about the workshop options as we are.  Christopher Judd’s workshop will guide attendees as they get their hands dirty with Docker.  For many this may be the first introduction to DevOps, a quickly growing trend in the industry.  Ryan CrawCour and David Makogon will pair up on a workshop to help attendees who are used to the traditional RDBMS world explore the world of document databases.  Enterprises are increasingly pushing the limits of what their existing data solutions can do and these workshops may give you the tools to get to the next level of scalability.

CloudDevelop has more to offer than ever before.  Tickets are on sale now – spread the word and don’t miss out.