Workshop Details and Prerequisites

By | October 20, 2015

An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated a few of the prerequisites for the Document Database Workshop. The post has been updated to list the correct prerequisites. We apologize for any confusion.

As we previously mentioned, CloudDevelop is excited to be able to offer two hands-on workshops this year. These two workshops will allow attendees to get more experience with two important technologies in cloud computing – Docker and NoSQL document databases.

If you are planning to attend the workshops, please come prepared with your laptop configured with the workshop prerequisites. There is a limited time for the workshops – being prepared will help you get the most value from the workshop. You can find more information about each workshop, including important prerequisites, below.


Docker for Devs Workshop

Led By: Christopher Judd

About the Workshop: Docker and containers are getting a lot of attention these days but what do they mean for devs? How do they fit into DevOps and continuous delivery movements? Where do these tools fit into cloud computing? During this hands-on session we will learn how to install and configure Docker, build images and run containers in a local development environment. But we will also explore using them in a continuous deployment environment by deploying them to on premise as well as cloud services such as AWS.



Document Databases: Everyone’s doing it! It’s all the rage! (Document Database Workshop)

Led By: Ryan CrawCour and David Makogon

About the Workshop: It sure is easy to get excited about a database engine that lets you go out in public without wearing a schema and without worrying about those pesky “normal forms.”

Ok, not so fast: If you hail from the Land of Relational, you may find it all-too-easy to model collections like tables and, well… wield a Document database just like a Relational database. And then it’s all-too-easy to get discouraged with Document databases, especially when your trusty RDBMS does the relational-ish things better than these {type: “Document”} engines.

So let’s focus on modeling specifically for Document-ish things! This hands-on workshop will be all about modeling data in the Document world. We’ll look at data models often seen in the Relational world, and we’ll re-think these, focusing on a Document-centric approach. We’ll build a mythical application’s API, working with a hosted Document database service. And you’re free to build in node, .net, python, Java, go, or php (the available language SDKs for our hosted database service). Or, if you just want to focus on the queries, you can skip the API and just… focus on the queries! (we have a snazzy query tool for you to use).

So bring your laptop, your thinking-cap, and your sense of humor adventure – this will be a fun session!



2 thoughts on “Workshop Details and Prerequisites

  1. Bill Chew

    Are the workshops 2 sessions long? I see in the schedule they both have 2 back to back slots. I want to make sure that is the case as I plan my schedule.

    1. clouddevelop_admin Post author

      Yes, the workshops are 2 sessions long (back-to-back; 2 hours total (not including any brief breaks)).


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