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Register Now to Win!

This is the 5th anniversary for CloudDevelop and we want this year to be the best year yet! We’re trying to beat last year’s attendance record and sell out quickly. And, to be honest, the earlier you buy tickets to CloudDevelop, the less stress it puts on the conference organizers in getting all the logistics handled. Yeah, we’re selfish like that.

As a bit of encouragement to get your CloudDevelop tickets now, we’re running a promotion! Every person that orders a CloudDevelop ticket through July 20th will be registered for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

The details our lawyers would probably want us to say  . . . if we would ask them:

  • Must be present at CloudDevelop during the closing session to be eligible to win.
  • Only the person that placed the order is eligible.
  • Ticket order must be placed by 11:59pm Eastern on July 20th to be eligible.
  • No substitutions.

Get your tickets today!

Convince Your Boss

We think the reasons to register and attend CloudDevelop are self-evident, but we understand that sometimes a little help is needed to make the case. Feel free use the below Letter to Your Boss as a template for how to convince your boss why you should attend. Different arguments work better for different organizations, so personalize it to your situation to make it the most effective.

Register at, and we’ll see you on Friday, August 26th at the Ohio Union!

Dear [Boss Name],

There is a great learning opportunity for me coming up at the CloudDevelop conference on Friday, August 26th at the Ohio Union in The Ohio State University campus.

The conference offers the following:

  • Over 20 breakout sessions from the area’s leaders in cloud computing. Topics vary from DevOps and infrastructure management to technical deep-dives into various cloud services and IT strategies. There are plenty of topics that are relevant to my day-to-day job responsibilities. I can also greatly expand my horizons with topics that are completely new to me to gain valuable new insights and perspectives.
  • A chance to get hands-on in workshops on some of the hottest techniques for working in the cloud. This will give me invaluable experience to evaluate whether these solutions are right for us. I will also be able to learn from an expert the best practices for how to maximize our success.
  • Excellent networking opportunities to create relationships with leading cloud experts. My presence may lead to great new partnerships, finding new recruits for our team, and helping me, and by extension [Company Name], get more engaged with the cloud development community.

The importance of the cloud is only going to increase. Cloud computing is one of the most powerful technology trends in a generation. With the knowledge gained at the conference, I will be able to deliver more effective and productive technical solutions that take full advantage of what the cloud offers.

The conference only costs $50, which compared to many conferences which can cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars is a real bargain! [Insert other expenses, such as travel, as necessary] I see this as a high-value and effective use of [Company Name]’s training budget. Yes, this would take me away from work for a day, but the time investment to independently research the topics I will learn at the conference would greatly exceed the day out of the office; and that’s assuming I would even know what to research without having been exposed to it first at CloudDevelop.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

[My Name]