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Brace Yourself, CloudDevelop is Around the Corner

CloudDevelop is only 10 days away! To make sure your experience at the conference is the best it can possibly be, we wanted to update you on a couple of things you can do prior to the event.

Workshop Prerequisites

This year we have 2 great workshops for you to choose from. In order to get the most out of the workshops you will want to come prepared with the prerequisites. The presenters have instructions on the day of the event to get set up, but no one wants to watch progress bars when they could be learning cool new tech!

Docker for Devs Workshop – Christopher Judd

Depending on your OS, install one of the following:

Cloud Foundry Hands-On Labs – Rags Srinivas

You can get a head start by following the online prerequisite instructions for the first exercise, here:

Alternately, have Virtual Box or VMWare Fusion pre-installed to run through the workshop in a preconfigured VM.

Mobile Application

CloudDevelop will be using EventsXD (formerly Eventboard), which is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

On the day of the event, the EventsXD app and our website will be your best source for the latest on sessions. The paper programs and name badge will have the session schedule, but they won’t have updates from any last-minute changes.

Registration is Still Open

Don’t let your friends/colleagues miss out on the conference! There is still a little more time to register for a ticket. As a bonus, when you refer at least 3 people to register for CloudDevelop you will receive a cool t-shirt.