Taking a Break

By | May 3, 2017

It is that time of year where you typically start to hear more information about the upcoming CloudDevelop conference. You’re probably curious as to what is happening for CloudDevelop 2017.

The CloudDevelop board of directors has made the difficult decision to suspend CloudDevelop for at least one year. There will not be a CloudDevelop conference this year.

Many factors went into arriving at this decision, such as:

  • The board has noticed an increasing amount of fatigue when it comes to getting great sponsors and speakers. Those two items are vital to holding a great conference. A great conference must be affordable and offer compelling content.
  • While the content at CloudDevelop has overall been good, it has not had the breadth which is needed to serve the community. There have been too many sessions on Microsoft Azure and not enough on AWS, Google Cloud, or other platforms.
  • CloudDevelop started over five years ago as a way for software developers, architects, and business leaders to share their passion and experiences related to building solutions on “the cloud”. Today, running modern solutions on “the cloud” is much more mainstream.  The technology landscape is still rapidly evolving and much innovation is still taking place.  However, it is debatable if a cloud-focused event serves the needs of the community. Cloud-based talks are common at many of the other popular regional technology conferences, such as StirTrek, CodeMash, Dog Food, and Visual Studio Live.

This does not mean CloudDevelop is shutting down permanently. CloudDevelop is taking a break. We’re hitting PAUSE. We want to take this year to figure out how to best solve some of the challenges and make a better CloudDevelop. If you would like to help, we would love to hear your ideas! Please reach out to use via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

CloudDevelop Board of Directors
Michael S. Collier
Jared Faris
Eric Boyd
Nick Martin
Brian Prince

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