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Taking a Break

It is that time of year where you typically start to hear more information about the upcoming CloudDevelop conference. You’re probably curious as to what is happening for CloudDevelop 2017.

The CloudDevelop board of directors has made the difficult decision to suspend CloudDevelop for at least one year. There will not be a CloudDevelop conference this year.

Many factors went into arriving at this decision, such as:

  • The board has noticed an increasing amount of fatigue when it comes to getting great sponsors and speakers. Those two items are vital to holding a great conference. A great conference must be affordable and offer compelling content.
  • While the content at CloudDevelop has overall been good, it has not had the breadth which is needed to serve the community. There have been too many sessions on Microsoft Azure and not enough on AWS, Google Cloud, or other platforms.
  • CloudDevelop started over five years ago as a way for software developers, architects, and business leaders to share their passion and experiences related to building solutions on “the cloud”. Today, running modern solutions on “the cloud” is much more mainstream.  The technology landscape is still rapidly evolving and much innovation is still taking place.  However, it is debatable if a cloud-focused event serves the needs of the community. Cloud-based talks are common at many of the other popular regional technology conferences, such as StirTrek, CodeMash, Dog Food, and Visual Studio Live.

This does not mean CloudDevelop is shutting down permanently. CloudDevelop is taking a break. We’re hitting PAUSE. We want to take this year to figure out how to best solve some of the challenges and make a better CloudDevelop. If you would like to help, we would love to hear your ideas! Please reach out to use via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

CloudDevelop Board of Directors
Michael S. Collier
Jared Faris
Eric Boyd
Nick Martin
Brian Prince

Brace Yourself, CloudDevelop is Around the Corner

CloudDevelop is only 10 days away! To make sure your experience at the conference is the best it can possibly be, we wanted to update you on a couple of things you can do prior to the event.

Workshop Prerequisites

This year we have 2 great workshops for you to choose from. In order to get the most out of the workshops you will want to come prepared with the prerequisites. The presenters have instructions on the day of the event to get set up, but no one wants to watch progress bars when they could be learning cool new tech!

Docker for Devs Workshop – Christopher Judd

Depending on your OS, install one of the following:

Cloud Foundry Hands-On Labs – Rags Srinivas

You can get a head start by following the online prerequisite instructions for the first exercise, here:

Alternately, have Virtual Box or VMWare Fusion pre-installed to run through the workshop in a preconfigured VM.

Mobile Application

CloudDevelop will be using EventsXD (formerly Eventboard), which is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

On the day of the event, the EventsXD app and our website will be your best source for the latest on sessions. The paper programs and name badge will have the session schedule, but they won’t have updates from any last-minute changes.

Registration is Still Open

Don’t let your friends/colleagues miss out on the conference! There is still a little more time to register for a ticket. As a bonus, when you refer at least 3 people to register for CloudDevelop you will receive a cool t-shirt.

Register Now to Win!

This is the 5th anniversary for CloudDevelop and we want this year to be the best year yet! We’re trying to beat last year’s attendance record and sell out quickly. And, to be honest, the earlier you buy tickets to CloudDevelop, the less stress it puts on the conference organizers in getting all the logistics handled. Yeah, we’re selfish like that.

As a bit of encouragement to get your CloudDevelop tickets now, we’re running a promotion! Every person that orders a CloudDevelop ticket through July 20th will be registered for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

The details our lawyers would probably want us to say  . . . if we would ask them:

  • Must be present at CloudDevelop during the closing session to be eligible to win.
  • Only the person that placed the order is eligible.
  • Ticket order must be placed by 11:59pm Eastern on July 20th to be eligible.
  • No substitutions.

Get your tickets today!

Convince Your Boss

We think the reasons to register and attend CloudDevelop are self-evident, but we understand that sometimes a little help is needed to make the case. Feel free use the below Letter to Your Boss as a template for how to convince your boss why you should attend. Different arguments work better for different organizations, so personalize it to your situation to make it the most effective.

Register at, and we’ll see you on Friday, August 26th at the Ohio Union!

Dear [Boss Name],

There is a great learning opportunity for me coming up at the CloudDevelop conference on Friday, August 26th at the Ohio Union in The Ohio State University campus.

The conference offers the following:

  • Over 20 breakout sessions from the area’s leaders in cloud computing. Topics vary from DevOps and infrastructure management to technical deep-dives into various cloud services and IT strategies. There are plenty of topics that are relevant to my day-to-day job responsibilities. I can also greatly expand my horizons with topics that are completely new to me to gain valuable new insights and perspectives.
  • A chance to get hands-on in workshops on some of the hottest techniques for working in the cloud. This will give me invaluable experience to evaluate whether these solutions are right for us. I will also be able to learn from an expert the best practices for how to maximize our success.
  • Excellent networking opportunities to create relationships with leading cloud experts. My presence may lead to great new partnerships, finding new recruits for our team, and helping me, and by extension [Company Name], get more engaged with the cloud development community.

The importance of the cloud is only going to increase. Cloud computing is one of the most powerful technology trends in a generation. With the knowledge gained at the conference, I will be able to deliver more effective and productive technical solutions that take full advantage of what the cloud offers.

The conference only costs $50, which compared to many conferences which can cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars is a real bargain! [Insert other expenses, such as travel, as necessary] I see this as a high-value and effective use of [Company Name]’s training budget. Yes, this would take me away from work for a day, but the time investment to independently research the topics I will learn at the conference would greatly exceed the day out of the office; and that’s assuming I would even know what to research without having been exposed to it first at CloudDevelop.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

[My Name]

Keynote Speaker – Jennifer Marsman

CloudDevelop has welcomed excellent keynote speakers in the past as a way to help kick off an informative, and fun-filled, day. Our first keynote speaker was Brady Gaster, and we’ve welcomed the likes of Sridhar Nanjundeswaran and David Aiken over the years.

This year we are thrilled to welcome Jennifer Marsman as the 2016 CloudDevelop keynote speaker.  Jennifer has been a staple in the Midwest technology community for several years. If you’ve ever seen Jennifer give a presentation, you know she always brings a sense of energy, humor, and passion to her session – along with incredible depth and technical acumen. We could not be more excited to include Jennifer in the CloudDevelop keynote speaker alumni honor roll!

Be sure to follow Jennifer on her blog at and on Twitter @JenniferMarsman.

Here is a little more information about Jennifer:

Jennifer Marsman is a Principal Developer Evangelist in Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism group, where she educates developers on Microsoft’s new technologies.  In this role, Jennifer is a frequent speaker at software development conferences around the world.  In 2016, Jennifer was recognized as one of the “top 100 most influential individuals in artificial intelligence and machine learning” by Onalytica.  She has been featured in Bloomberg for her work using EEG and machine learning to perform lie detection.  In 2009, Jennifer was chosen as “Techie whose innovation will have the biggest impact” by X-OLOGY for her work with GiveCamps, a weekend-long event where developers code for charity.  She has also received many honors from Microsoft, including the Central Region Top Contributor Award, Heartland District Top Contributor Award, DPE Community Evangelist Award, CPE Champion Award, MSUS Diversity & Inclusion Award, and Gold Club.  Prior to becoming a Developer Evangelist, Jennifer was a software developer in Microsoft’s Natural Interactive Services division.  In this role, she earned two patents for her work in search and data mining algorithms.  Jennifer has also held positions with Ford Motor Company, National Instruments, and Soar Technology.  Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Her graduate work specialized in artificial intelligence and computational theory.


CloudDevelop 2016 Tickets on Sale!

It’s here, it’s finally here – you can now purchase your CloudDevelop 2016 ticket for August 26th!  We have reached important milestones by completing our speaker selection process and making tickets available.  We hope you are as excited as we are.

Speakers Selected

We had an uptick of just over 10% in submissions from last year.  More importantly, this year brings a wider variety in topics, covering more platform and service options.  This is no surprise with the ever-growing capabilities of the cloud, but it is great to see the cloud community of speakers continue to up their game accordingly.

We received many great sessions.  Selecting from such a strong list of topic is not an easy task.  We hope and believe that you will see a lot of value in the content to be provided by the selected speakers.

We are currently in the process of posting all the speaker and related session details to the main website.

Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets for CloudDevelop are on sale right now for $50.

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite at We’ll also be updating the CloudDevelop site to link you to the Eventbrite site directly.

Thank you for your continued support of CloudDevelop. We look forward to seeing you on Friday, August 26th.

Call for Speakers Deadline Extension

Time goes quick. April 8th is fast approaching – too fast! We have decided to extend the deadline for speaker submissions to April 15th. The main reason is to give us more time to meaningfully reach out to a broader segment of the cloud computing community than we have in the past. We believe that this extra time will yield a more diverse set of topics and improve the experience for our attendees and sponsors.

So, that gives you an extra week to submit your amazing topic at

If you don’t have a topic of your own, help make the conference you love even better by coercing your talented peers to submit, or at least spreading the word.

CloudDevelop 2016 – Call for Speakers OPEN!

CloudDevelop conference is excited to announce that the call for speakers for 2016 opens today and will remain open until midnight on Friday, April 15th.

What are we looking for?
Any topic related to cloud computing is on the table. We are cloud provider, platform and tech stack agnostic. In fact, we are going to greater lengths than ever before to ensure there is a vibrant mix at CloudDevelop 2016. Take a look at last year’s sessions to get an idea of the sorts of topics the conference is looking for; but don’t hesitate to try to break the mold a little and give us an innovative topic idea to consider !

What do I need to submit?

  • An abstract – First, and most importantly, a well-crafted presentation abstract. These should be relatively short, attention-catching, and informative about what will be presented. We highly suggest having your abstract reviewed by several people before submitting to make sure it is as compelling as possible.
  • Your bio – Conference attendees want to know who they are getting their information from. Share a little about what makes you qualified to speak about your topic and maybe some fun facts that make you unique.
  • A headshot – Be famous, get recognized at the conference!
  • Metadata – In order to organize and help us sift through the many submissions, we’ll also be asking for some descriptors about the presentation category (architecture, DevOps, strategy, etc.), cloud platform (AWS, Azure, OpenStack, etc.) and a few more items.

What types of sessions are there?
The majority of our sessions are standard 1-hour presentations.  Last year we had great success with our workshops, so we will also continue to accept workshop submissions.

What’s in it for me?
Earning the enduring admiration and respect of your peers not enough for you, huh?  Fair enough, we understand it takes a huge commitment to present at conference – we’ve been there too!

  1. Free admission to the conference (like that is a surprise!)
  2. Speaker dinner the night before to mingle with your fellow cloud aficionados
  3. A modest “thank you” gift on behalf of the cloud computing community for taking the time to share your passion
  4. Join the conference organizers for an after party to unwind
  5. The enduring admiration and respect of your peers.  Seriously, the best perk of all!

What is the selection process?
Session selection has two phases.

  1. Abstract rating
    • Session submissions are anonymized as much as possible.  The name, email address, organization, etc. are removed
    • All abstracts are rated from 1 (not a good fit) to 10 (amazing)
    • We sum the ratings of all organizers and take the top X highest rated sessions (where X is somewhat more than the number of available time slots)
  2. Balancing
    • We reassess the remaining sessions with a 3-point scale (“meh”, “want it”, “must have”), taking into consideration having a good spread and mix of topics, platforms, etc.
    • We de-anonymize the list of sessions
    • We ensure that no speaker has an unfair load and spread the load accordingly

Speakers may have multiple submissions that we may be interested in. We will reach out to those speakers to confirm that multiple sessions are OK with that speaker.

CloudDevelop – what is that, anyway?
CloudDevelop is a one-day conference on Friday, August 26, 2016. The conference will be held at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

You can view more details about CloudDevelop at You can also stay up-to-date with the latest information on our blog at and by following @CloudDevConf on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.

CloudDevelop 2016 – Call for Speakers Opening Soon

The time to bring back together the best and brightest minds in cloud computing are is drawing near. On Monday, March 21st we will open the call for speakers. That gives you a few days to think about what topic you would like to share with the cloud computing community. We will accept submissions until midnight 11:59pm ET on Friday, April 8th.

We will announce more information about the call for speakers on March 21st. In the meantime be sure to follow @CloudDevConf on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and/or sign up for the CloudDevelop newsletter to keep up to date with the latest information.